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"Wonderful work. Great audiobooks with cool characters".
John - San Francisco, CA

'Rarely is a sequel as good as the original, but this one does it. I hope they produce the third book, Scummers. I can't wait to hear it.'
Becky - Martinsburg, WV

'I'm really enjoying it. Funny and romantic.'
Terry - Clarksburg, WV

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A great audio book. More, more!
By Avenue1411 on July 18, 2013

'A great audio book with characters you'll remember to tell you're friends about. LMAO every time I listened. The narrator does a fascinating job of bringing everyone to life. The music is perfect and a big surprise to me, there is a full soundtrack CD of 15 songs by Pops Walker included. Lee Maynard has written a fun book that quickly became my guilty pleasure. It's definitely not for the kiddies so listen to this one with the adults. A rare book where the sequel is as good as the original (Crum - The Novel). Bring on Scrummers!...'
*NEWS! Amazon contacted us and wants to put our audio books on Audile, ACX, and iTunes!   Woohoo... Watch soon for our stories to be MP3 and .AA downloadable.
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